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Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a one-stop online resource for all students that are participating in our Education Programmes. Each participating student will receive their own unique login account to access online learning resources, download SolidWorks tutorial files, and participate in online assessments.
3D ClassWorks YouTube Channel
The 3D ClassWorks YouTube Channel is an online collection of videos, comprising SolidWorks tutorials, SolidWorks Simulation tutorials, SolidWorks Flow Simulation tutorials, and other initiatives by 3D ClassWorks. Utilize this video resource to sharpen your skills in SolidWorks!
SolidWorks Student Design Kit Download Link
The SolidWorks Student Design Kit is a standalone 150-day basic SolidWorks software license for students to install on their own laptop/ personal computers. This is provided to students currently on the SolidWorks Education Programme, for them to practice newly acquired SolidWorks skills, complete homework assignments, and continue with ongoing project works outside the school computer labs. You will need a school license ID which is made available to you from your trainers.
SolidWorks AY2011-2012 Student Design Kit Download Request Form
Facebook Group - 3D ClassWorks
Stay in touch with us via social media. Keep up to date with the latest news, events, competitions, tips & tricks etc on our Facebook groups. We have separate groups for secondary school students and tertiary education students. Mingle with other like-minded SolidWorks fanatics on these groups.
Facebook Group (Secondary)
Facebook Group (Tertiary)
Featured Tutorials / Downloads
3D ClassWorks will periodically upload tutorial exercises for you to learn more about features in SolidWorks that are not covered in class. Visit the link often to discover the extensive resources made available to help you hone your SolidWorks skills
SolidWorks Tutorial Download Link
3D ContentCentral - Free 3D Model Library
Save time in your designs by downloading 3D models created by the worldwide SolidWorks community. Register an account and download all the 3D models that you can search for and incorporate them into your SolidWorks Designs!
3D ContentCentral Weblink
SolidWorks Teacher Blog
The SolidWorks Teacher Blog brings together STEM subjects at all levels for middle school, high school, technical/vocational and college levels. The lessons reinforce classroom theory in the areas that students find most challenging such as the unit circle, force and stress, 3D geometry and material properties.
SolidWorks Teacher Blog
Let's Go Design TV
Let's Go Design is an interactive web series that brings CAD fanatics from around the world together to collaborate on innovative design projects. Follow Jeremy Luchini and his team as they document the entire journey from design, to prototyping, to the building of these innovative projects. Be a stakeholder in these designs by voting for the outcomes of these designs!
Let's Go Design TV