About 3d classworks

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3D ClassWorks is a Singapore based company that is focused on developing and implementing SolidWorks Education Programme to supplement existing teaching methodology in schools and tertiary institutions in Singapore, and beyond. As the exclusive SolidWorks Authorised Reseller (Education) in Singapore we are committed in delivering high quality programmes catering to the relevant spectrum of the education sector.

Central to our mission is the promotion of Engineering literacy into classrooms and moulding our students to become imagineers of tomorrow. We envisage preparing pupils with a “dynamic” learning mindset, having the latest technological capabilities and to be fully equipped with the relevant technical “know-how” in order to live and work as effective global participants in this technological age.

Secondary Schools

We work closely with schools in promoting the use of object modelling via SolidWorks as pedagogical and learning tools for subjects such as Design & Technology, Mathematics, Geography and Physics. This is complemented with our customised value-add educational services to ensure effective utilisation of SolidWorks by students in their relevant schoolwork.

Tertiary Institutions
Our efforts in the tertiary institutions which include supplying and supporting the use of SolidWorks is further augmented by myriad of SolidWorks Certified and customised training modules for faculty members and students. Professional and Associate certifications are also extended to successful candidates to ensure recognition of their relevant CAD skills in the global industry.

to promote engineering literacy in classrooms and moulding our students to become imagineers of tomorrow.
To be a world leading developer and provider of innovative educational training programmes in Maths, Science, Design and Engineering

Our team

Mr Kunhimohamed N.
Chief Executive Officer
Mr Chevy Kok

Chief Technology Officer

SolidWorks Elite A.E.
Certified SolidWorks Expert (CSWE)

Ms He Wanyun

Programme Manager

Certified SolidWorks Expert (CSWE)

Mr Varun Manocha

Programme Engineer

Certified SolidWorks Expert (CSWE)

Ms Shirley Lim
Snr Business Dev Executive
The rest of our training team.