Destination Zero Carbon

Destination Zero Carbon is a multi-disciplinary clean energy education programme that focuses on the learning of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Geography. This programme is delivered through a fun and engaging platform, the design-build-and -race of 1:20 scale hydrogen fuel cell drag race cars.
Multi-disciplinary Programme
This programme covers topics in physics, chemistry, mathematics, earth science, IT & design. It is easily implemented either as project work or curriculum based lessons.

Exclusive Focus on the Environment
The purpose of Destination Zero Carbon is to raise environmental awareness amongst the youth of today. We hope to raise the next generation of clean energy scientists and engineers that will impact our world positively in a sustainable way.
Global Initiative
Destination Zero Carbon is a global education programme. Students that perform well could earn the chance to represent their school, region, country at various competitions. Enhance your students' learning experience by exposing them on the global arena.

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