Design and Technology
(Upper Secondary)

Many students preparing for N-level and O-level examination utilize SolidWorks not only as a Computer Aided Design (CAD) tool, but also to assist them in preparing high quality presentation boards. The Presentation Board Design with SolidWorks course is a 2 year programme that begins when students are in Secondary 3.
Comprehensive CAD Skills
This course builds on the basic skills that students acquired from the lower secondary programme. Students will pick up more advanced skills to enable them to effectively design parts, assemblies, working drawings and presentation boards to support their Design & Technology coursework.
Project Consultation
Our highly qualified instructors are available to answer any questions regarding 3D modeling that students may have. Let our team of Certified SolidWorks Associates (CSWA) answer any technical support queries that may arise during project work.
Enrichment Programmes
For schools that would like to take our courses as an enrichment programme, we have specially crafted enrichment programmes for upper secondary students. Come mid 2012, we will be launching a special N(T) enrichment programme that is co-developed with the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) that prepare students for relevant courses in ITE.

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